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The Stay Home Travel Show: Episode 8; Community Halls & Kitchens

This weeks theme is 'Community Halls and Kitchens' as that's we're the recordings are made, peoples houses, community centres, a few small grass roots venues. That does not mean the music is of any less value than something recoded in a professional studio or at a large concert venue, but it does maybe reflect on the ways in which some music can often go under the radar.

This episode celebrates the music and people who've moved to the UK from around the World. They all contribute to the cultural life of the UK and each musician and recording has a story. These pieces of music are as valuable as something sang in a huge stadium venue or recorded at a high end studio.

I have a personal connection here, as for most of these recordings i've been been the person pressing the record button, behind the scenes. It's been a bit of an emotional trip down memory lane, as there is often a social involvement with the musicians and many are friends. Many of these recordings are also made at concerts, which of course are about much more than just a music performance. They are spaces where friendships, networks and memories grow, and an area of life many are desperately missing at the moment.

If you enjoy the music here, there are recordings on our Bandcamp page, dating back to 2009

Originally streamed Saturday 6th March. The intention of the show is to highlight musicians on Bandcamp during the lockdown, spending the money I normally use to commute to work on music instead, and hopefully promoting the musicians a bit. I'm back in the office from March 15th, so this will be the last regular weekly episode for a while, although are a couple of episodes with guest presenters in the pipeline. Hopefully we can all meet at gigs later this year!

Music Included in this episode:

Additional websites

Polina Shepherd

Bashir Al Gamar, music for sale in support of the village shool in Sudan where he grew up

Jamal & Alaa, fundraiser EP in support of Sussex Syrian Community group, and hardship fund



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