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New Music Mixtape

A compilation playlist of music recordings. Recordings are in chronological order, from most recent to oldest (eventually this will go back to 2009 when we made our first recordings). Keep this page open to listen, whilst you explore the rest of the site.

Our main music pages are on Bandcamp. We use Bandcamp, because of the ethical way it works with artists. Most of the music on our site is not for sale, the pages exist to promote artists and help them get bookings for gigs. The small amount of music we do sell, at the artists' discretion, is usually for humanitarian-related work (such as the Syrian hardship fund). Bandcamp allows artists to do this and keep 85% from everything sold (15% is kept by Bandcamp for running costs) However, the platform does not as yet provide a playlist option, so there is no way to listen to multiple tracks, without constantly reloading pages, which we realise sometimes you may want to do - just stick on a playlist and chill. We don't use Spotify, due to their links with the arms trade and the generally poor way they pay musicians, so here it all in one place, an easy to enjoy playlist, exclusively of artists we work with, all in one place. Please note, this playlist is only available here, for more information and songs with individual artists and their details, please visit our Bandcamp pages