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Refugee Week 2020

For the safety of everyone involved we worked in collaboration with Refugee Radio, friends and related organisations to produce online activities for Refugee Week 2020.

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed, helped and supported.

Click the links below to jump to individual sections.

0.30: Welcome & Intro. 1.18 Music: Polina & Merlin Shepherd. 8.25 Everyday Intercultural: Shampoo 9.52 An Artist's Spirit (Bashir Al Gamar) 20.04 Everyday Intercultural: Numbers 22.01 Music: Bashir Al Gamar 31.20 Everyday Intercultural: Guitars 34.10 Poetry: Love Without Encounter 35.13 Dr Laila Kadiwal: Identity 37.10 Cooking with Riam & Farid 47.06 Music; Jamal & Alaa 56.14 Thanks & End Credits

You can support Bashir's Sudanese village fund by purchasing either of these albums on Bandcamp.

Interview with Threads Radio (London)

Refugee Radio Podcast

Polina Shepherd

Jamal & Alaa

Refugee Radio

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