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January 21st: Razom - Together

Thanks to everyone who came, supported and made the January Razom - Together such a special occasion, the event was a great success. We'll update with pictures and videos soon. In the meantime, the next Razom, will include exciting music guest Iryna Muha, travelling all the way from Nottingham, and will be at The Rose Hill on March 21st...More details to follow, hope to see you there!

Volya Choir from Chichester, making their second visit to Brighton. We're also excited to welcome

Yulya Fytsalo back to the Rose Hill.

All welcome for an afternoon with the local Ukrainian community & their friends to share music, food and friendship with the wider Brighton and Hove community. Come and join the fun. Children of all ages are welcome.

We are always keen to hear ideas for contributions, especially music and arts related. Please contact the organisers if you have suggestions.

Full details to follow. Entry is FREE, but it helps with food preparations if you can register in advance via the ticket link below.

Volya Choir: 3.00pm

Yulya Fytsalo: 3.45pm

JJ Symon: 4.30pm

Open Mic: 5.00 - 6.00pm.

Thanks to funding from Brighton and Hove City Council and Arts Council England for their support with these events.

Funding for these evens was via collaborative applications to Brighton Councils Ukraine fund by Refugee Radio, Stand For Ukraine & Best Foot Music, plus an additional Arts Council England grant applied for by The Rose Hill. 

Previous Razom events are here "What Razom Means" and here 

Thanks Steve and the crew at Upside Comics for their ongoing support


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