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Bashir Al Gamar

Bashir Al Gamar was born in Sudan, he came to England in 1993, after being imprisoned for his poem 'Patience on a

beach' Since then he has lived in Brighton.

He is a poet, songwriter and composer, since 1991 he has written and composed more than 40 poems and songs, mainly in Arabic. Most of them are well known in his home country, Sudan. Some of his songs have been recorded by Sudanese National TV and radio. At present he is working on a new collection of poetry called 'Rhythm and Resonance' He is also planning to perform his poetry in several countries with a Sudanese singer. Bashir has taken part in several art exhibitions and poetry readings in the UK, in Cardiff, London, Liverpool and Bristol. He is a well known proponent of the Oud. His poetry and music mainly deal with his homeland, exile, human suffering and love. He writes in either classical Arabic, or in Sudanese local dialect. The words contain many emotions, images and metaphors and are written in a musical rhythmic language.

Large parts of Sudan are badly affected by the war, with many people living in poverty. Bashir now uses his music to help support the village where he grew up. He has helped buy materials for the local school and repaired the village grain stores. He is currently saving for a much-needed electricity generator for the village. All sales from his music (both online and concerts) will go directly to the village fund. Thank you for your support.

Bashir will be performing at Winter Warmer on 27th January, at Jubilee Library, Brighton, entry is FREE

In January 2024, Bashir called to say, that with the supprt of family and friends, a water well had finally been installed in his childhood village, bringing clean, safe drinking water to the village after many years.

All proceeeds from these music releases will go via Bashir to help people affected by the war in Sudan. There is very little international support, please donate what you can. Thank you.

Recent work with Bashir:

Glyndebourne at Canterbury Cathedral with Bashir Al Gamar "Song for Amal"

International Music Afternoon @ Jubilee Library, Brighton. 9th October.

Bashir plays regularly at events we are involved in, please see our work pages

Main photo credit G.Iwanski

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