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Voices From the Protests

16th March, London 2024

UN Anti Racism Day. London event organised by Stand Up To Racism


We've attended several Palestine marches. In relation to some of the negative reactions to the protests, I thought it would be interesting to capture some of the voices of people there, so took a recorder and asked people one question; what made you come today?

Saturday March 9th National March For Palestine, London, UK.

A short soundscape, capturing some of the protest for Palestine. Set against the backdrop of the UK Gov and some of the media calling the marches 'Hate marches'. Also includes the thoughts of some Jewish activists and academics we met on the march.

Saturday, January 13th National March For Palestine, London, UK.

10 people spoke, from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences. I didn't ask anyone about how they identify, but 2 people said straight away they were Jewish. Some talked about prejudices they had faced in life and the need to stand against a decline in global ethics. The recordings are in the order they were made, with no editing. There was no criteria for asking people, just anyone stood nearby, when the march wasn't too loud. The day was peaceful and attended by people from all over the UK.

The first 6 minutes are people speaking, followed by roughly 10 minutes of soundscape from the demo. The march finished at Trafalgar Square, a short walk from Downing Street. The final couple of minutes are the bells of Westminster Abbey, as we walked away at the end of the day, passing through statues and buildings constructed at the heart of the British Empire, one can't help be be reminded of that empire's lasting legacy.

The first national march was held on 15th October. The then UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman branded the marches as 'hate marches' as did parts of the UK press.

As of December 30, 2023 ⁠Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor⁠ estimated Gaza Strip civilian deaths at 27,681.

On 30 October, ⁠Save the Children⁠ reported more children had died in three weeks in Gaza than in the entire sum of conflicts around the world in the past four years.


9th March, London 2024

24th February, Brighton

Protest march to the L3 Arms factory.

13th January 2024, London

11th November 2023

Armistice Day. The march started after memorial services had been held and did not pass near the Cenotaph. Most arrests on the day related to violence from far right extremists.

28th October, 2023, London



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