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Ivana Kupala Brighton

A fabulous afternoon event, organised by by members of the local Ukranian community. Held in Preston Park on Sunday 9th July.

The Kupala Brighton website has been set up by Vladyslava Bondar and Marek Kohn. Please support their work by visiting the site and following their social media.

Quotes from Kupala Brighton website

Across Europe, from Ireland and Portugal in the west to Estonia in the east and Greece in the south, people have celebrated midsummer with bonfires since ancient times. Ukrainians are especially passionate about keeping the midsummer traditions alive. n Ukraine, the midsummer festival is called Ivana Kupala.
The old pagan tradition became linked to the birthday of St John the Baptist: Ivan = John. In Eastern Orthodox church calendars, Kupala moved from Midsummer's Eve, 23 June, to early July. But apart from the name and the date, Ivana Kupala is a pagan tradition.

Soundscape recording from Kupala Brighton, short audio samples from workshops and activities on the day.

Video clips from Kupala Brighton website

Video clips from Kupala Brighton website

Phone clips from Best Foot Music & Manal Gharzeddin

Images from Manal Gharzeddin

Images from Best Foot Music