Who we are:

Dr Laila Kadiwal

Dr Laila Kadiwal is Teaching Fellow at the Institute of Education, University College London. Laila has specialist interests in the role of education, youth and teachers in conflict and peace building. Her interest lies in thinking through how an ‘identity as freedom’ approach can help in addressing some of the questions of social divisions to facilitate the building of equitable and inclusive interrelationships. Laila has founded Education for Peace project and co-runs Best Foot Music

UCL Profile

Phillip Minns

Phillip Minns established Best Foot Music in 2009. His main responsibilities include music recording, artist and community liaison, event and project management. He runs community workshops and presentations, and is responsible for much of the day to day running of Best Foot Music.

Musicians, community and individuals

Everything is only possible because of the people we work with, who put their ideas, time and skill into the various projects. Details of some can be found via links on the Links page.