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Educational Resources

Accessible, free materials with historical and contemporary information relating to migration and shared values to life in the UK. Materials are free to use, but please credit 'Best Foot Music' if you use them. A link to our site would be much appreciated. If you have something to contribute or discuss, please contact

Please note, we are not generating original stories here, this information is available in the public domain. We are simply collating and sharing. Anyone wishing to contribute will be fully credited.

Everyday life:

Much of our everyday life in the UK, has benefitted from people, ideas and inventions coming here from around the World. Below are some examples. We will add to this on a regular basis.

001 Shampoo.001.jpeg
002 Numbers.002.jpeg


This presentation was delivered as part of 

The Human Development and Capability Association Conference 2019 at the Institute of Education/University College London by members of the BFM team and musicians we work with.

Thanks to Eugenia Georgieva, Alessandra Bavestrelli and Dr Laila Kadiwal for their work in making the presentation, and all the musicians and community volunteers who contributed their time, opinions and skills.

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