British Library Recording Sessions (Jan - July 2019)

Between January and July 2019, Best Foot Music carried out 14 individual recording sessions. Due to both myself and the majority of the musicians we work with having other employment outside of our music work, most of these have been on weekends and evenings, in peoples free time. Additionally many of the musicians gig on a regular basis, which can add to difficulties arranging recording sessions. There are also less obvious difficulties  to making recordings. A professional music studio can cost upwards of £250 per day, which we don't have budget for. Fortunately there are a number of churches, community spaces, workplaces and of course peoples homes available for recording. Although as the majority of us live in urban areas, these places are not isolated from the outside world, and peoples lives carry on around the sessions, as does the noise of motorbikes, airplanes etc. Although occasionally this can be a bonus; in one recent session, as the sound of music fades, in the background appears the sounds of birds singing, which adds beautifully to the atmosphere.

2019 has represented a significant increase in the amount of musicians we've been able to work with, and also the distance we've been able to travel to meet musicians. This is due to the generous funding of the British Library. A big thanks to them, and a big thanks to all the musicians we've met and worked with this year. With them allowing us to record, I hope we can show some of the musical contributions and wider value people bring to life in the UK when they come here from elsewhere in the World.

Below is a sample playlist compilation, links to some of the bigger trips we've made this year, and to all our music pages, which are updated on a regular basis.

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Solas Festival Sessions

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Ipswich Sessions

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