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Maté Café: Intercultural Social Club

Maté Café is organised by a group of friends living around Brighton. We are from Brighton, The UK, Europe, Syria, the World.

Through Maté tea; we aim to share, food, stories, music, language and friendship. You are welcome to join in.

Pronounced 'mat-heh' maté is made from dried Yerba maté leaves, and is often a shared drink, with glasses being passed between friends. known for its rejuvenating qualities.

Maté Café Is a shared community social club. People from all backgrounds are welcome.

We focus on collaboration and support for communities and individuals who have come to the city from around the World. We hope to build relationships with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. If you have ideas or something to share please come and have a chat or email via the website

All Maté Café Blog posts are here.

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