The Stay Home Travel Show: Episode 6, Black Bandcamp

This weeks show features lots of stunningly beautiful music via the Black Bandcamp project.

"A crowd-sourced list of Black artists on Bandcamp."

Originally live streamed on February 20th.

This is a response to the ongoing whitewashing and over-representation of white men across all areas of the music industry, from fans to performers and senior leadership roles.

I always aim to include a diverse selection of music in the show, both in terms of genres and the people making it. From now on all shows will include some music found on the Blackbandcamp website and will be credited as such.

Useful resources and related links are posted below

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Episode Recording

Music played in this episode

Some useful links:

Nate Holder

Nate Holder BA (Hons), MMus is a musician, author, speaker and music education consultant based in London. He is an advocate for decolonising music education and has been speaking, writing and consulting on the subject internationally for the past few years.


An award winning media company committed to sharing the perspectives of people of colour from marginalised genders

Womxn in CTRL

Why does this matter ?

Example 1:

DJ magazine, has a global monthly readership of 24 million (source their own linkedin page) it has consistently won awards for being a leader in the Dance music press, and yet its annual "Top 100 DJ's' poll continues to be dominated by white men.

Example 2:

See report in this link

Example 3:

Music education

Example 4:

Over representation of white men as music fans. A Google image search in February 2021 for 'music crowds', 'music festival crowds' 'music gig crowds' and similar resulted in images of predominantly young white men. I did the same search with a the names of media outlets included, for example the below images are the ones that came up via the Guardian. This is how the Guardian chose to represent music fans during the second half of 2020 in its reporting of the impact of Covid on live music events:

Artist Websites

Some (not all) of the artists in this episode have their own sites. Most also have social media links on their Bandcamp pages.

Some of the artwork from music included in this weeks episode. All links will be posted after the stream.

Thanks to Cohesion Plus for their excellent ongoing work and introducing me to the work of Nate Holder and Womxn in Ctrl