The Stay Home Travel Show: Episode 1

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Travel the World with music, showcasing artists on Bandcamp;

Its simple; whilst saving money not travelling to work, why not spend those savings on music from a platform that benefits musicians?

Why Bandcamp?

Artists keep 85% of money from sales (15% is used for site running costs) Plus there's tons of exciting music to be heard on it.

Shows will be live streamed each week and available anytime afterwards via Mixcloud.(currently the only way to legally live stream music outside of licensed radio)

Bandcamp has both artists and fan accounts. Both are free to use. For more info see here.

Links to shows will be posted here, with tracklists so you can support artists you wish.

If you would like to have your music included, please send a link to

Episode 1:Saturday 16th Jan 2021

Music in this show: