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Syriac Orthodox Songs

On the 2nd February we were invited by our friend Chama and her husband Eleiah to attend a Syriac Orthodox Christian Church service, in Hove. The church has been established here for a couple of years. The service is almost entirely sung and is in Aramaic, which is related to Hebrew and Arabic. Afterward, there was a social gathering, we met the Father, who invited us to another service in London, where we may record the singing. The group discussed organising some community events. Everyone was very welcoming, it was a beautiful service.

Chama also sometimes cooks and regularly helps out at Maté Café.

We recorded both Chama and Eleiah, singing some of the songs from the service at our flat, the following weekend. Thanks to Chama and Eleiah for sharing their time, knowledge and music, and also thanks to Dr Noriko Sato for her support, knowledge and research work with these recordings.



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