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Sussex Syrian Community Fundraiser Concert

The event was a collaboration between friends and volunteers, working jointly with Best Foot Music, Sussex Syrian Community Group, Stand Up to Racism and Sussex Interpreting Services.

Events like this are an important and enjoyable opportunity to celebrate our community and offer some support to those who have fled the crisis in Syria and are settling in Sussex as part of the community here.

A huge thanks to the Syrian Orchestra, who travelled from Sheffield and Leicester to play. Its not often that Brighton music fans get to see and hear live Syrian music. In the past they have played with Damon Albarn, and although not the whole orchestra was able to make the event, those that did made an excellent performance, and really energised the crowd.

The gig was also supported by local musicians Transformer, Rosie Brown, Bad Girls and Boombastic DJ's, all of which went to make a happy dancing and singing crowd.

For more information on groups involved, please see;

Funds raised on the night, are halved between the Sussex Syrian Community Group, and are used as part of a Hardship fund, helping people settle here. The remaining monies are donated to medical projects in Syria.

Huge thanks to everyone who came and supported and all those who worked to make this event happen, everyone played a part, but special mentions to Josie, Nadine and Arran for having the idea and putting it all together in the first place, and Hussein for arranging the Syrian Orchestra.



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