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Steve Ignorant & Gypsy Stars

The term "Gypsy Punk" has been bandied around by a lot of bands, labels and promoters in recent years but, thanks to a Brighton musician, we finally have the genuine article.

Tim Bennett, is the former bass player of cult Brighton anarcho-punk band Salad From Atlantis.

These days he is a drummer with a love for Eastern European music and he formed an idea for a genuine Gypsy Punk collaboration in the place where all the best ideas spring from - the local pub.

Steve Ignorant is the former lead singer of anarcho-punk legends Crass, who formed in 1977 and spawned the anarcho-punk movement.

His band railed against the Thatcher government, with anti-Falklands War anthem How Does It Feel? provoking questions in the House of Commons and an attempted prosecution by a Conservative MP.

Crass eventually split up, but Steve continues his own music, and has relocated to Norfolk, where he is now a volunteer lifeboatman.

Gypsy Stars are a family band, with up to 12 musicians and dancers. In this recording we have Beata (Vocals) Artek (Accordion/Guitar) and Dudek (Band Leader/Production). They are a Romani band, originally from Poland, now living in London. They have playedfestivals in Europe, and diverse gigs in the UK, ranging from Madame Tussauds, the Olympic Park, and the Pope on his visit to London in 2010.

Thanks to Tim Bennet, who was the driving force, both in the initial idea and funding this project.

Also big thanks to Steve, Jona, Dudek, Beata, Artek and everyone else who gave their time and support.

Funds raised will go to Humanity At Heart, a local charity, working with disadvantaged people in Romania.


Loli Phabay (Red Apple)

Andro verdan drukos nane

Man pirani shukar nane

Loli phabay precinava

Hop, hop, hop

Yek pash tuke, yek pash mange

Hop, hop, hop.

Red Apple (English)

In the caravan there is no floor

I have no sweet lover

I will cut this red apple

Half for you, half for me

Thanks to and friends for translations!


released April 18, 2016

Steve Ignorant: Vocals

Artek: Accordion, Guitar

Beata: Vocals

Dudek: Production

Joe: Bass

Bethan: Violin

Tim: Production, Drums, Guitar

Phill: Production



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