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Spring to Summer: Concerts and Community Festivals

Ukrainian Ivana Kupala, Ipswich Global Rhythm, Hastings Sanctuary; festivals and concerts around the South East. Events we've been invited to take part in, or have supported in some way.

After a quiet couple of years, people have been organising events and concerts again.

Please note, that the events on this page are not organised by Best Foot Music but are events that artists we work with have been invited to perform at, or we have supported in some way. Links to organisers and related groups are given when possible.

For events we programmed this year follow links to Brighton Festival and Refugee Week.

July 10th: Ukrainian Ivana Kupala in Brighton

You can help support, and find more information about the local Ukrainian community and their work via the links here.

Big thanks to Oksana Kovaliova, Vladyslava Bondar, Olga Golichenko, Kira Makogon, Graham Allen and all the rest of the team for the ongoing valuable work on this event and with the community.

This event was organised by the local Ukrainian community, it was a fantastic afternoon, showcasing many aspects of Ukrainian culture, with a theatre performance, dances, singing, and workshops including folk doll making, dancing, painting, fortune telling and cultural information about Ukraine. We were happy to be able to support the event with our Community sound system.

A huge thanks to the community for such an interesting and inclusive day.

Link to event Facebook Page - with lots of information about the organising team, and festival.

Thanks Przemek Karpicki for these images of Kupala 2022.

A few more we took...