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Royal Festival Hall Concerts June 2018

Earlier in the 2018, we had been asked by the Southbank Centre to provide music groups for two shows in the Royal Festival Hall Central Bar. An early afternoon time show as part of a series called "Friday Lunch" and commemorating 20 years of 'Refugee Week' and an evening show called "Friday Tonic" which was part of the Southbank's series "Women in Music". Syrian musicians Jamal, Alaa and Firas played the early show and the evening featured Kurdish musician Suna Alan and her group.

The music was played very well and celebrated enthusiastically. Given the context and difficulties many people from those backgrounds face, and the historical persecution and marginalisation of Kurdish peoples and cultures, seeing this solidarity in a major central London venue was a moving occasion. We made recordings of the event, and later this year will be recording with Suna and her group. You can hear some of the music below, for further details on individual songs, follow the Bandcamp links. For more info on Suna follow this link:



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