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Refugee Valentine 2020

The event organisers objective read;

"Love transcends borders. The authorities throw up barriers to divide communities into homogeneous societies of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Refugees are people who have already crossed borders to find love in new communities. They can show the rest of us the way to transcend difference. The border makes refugees the Other, but love thrives on difference. Refugee Valentine celebrates love and celebrates diversity. It’s our differences that bring us together. Refugee Valentines will take love beyond monogamous pair bonding to begin rebuilding a community that celebrates difference. This is why we would like you to join us on the 14th of February and celebrate different shades of your LOVE with us. It’s our differences that bring us together. Refugee Valentine will take love beyond monogamous pairings to begin rebuilding a community that celebrates difference. LOVE MORE."

There was a fantastic line up, including Brighton superstars, Jamal & Alaa & Bakk Lamp Fall. We're lucky to have such talented musicians in town.

Every now and then, a gig happens, which leaves life affirming memories, all the right ingredients are in place; the selection of music, both live bands and DJs, the venue (and staff) and of course the crowd. This was undoubtably one of those occasions. There was very much a sense family and community in the air, a diverse crowd, came together to share, celebrate and make a point; in an increasingly divided World, we need to transcend borders an barriers.

The Rose Hill is a great space for music, arts and community events, and the team that run it, have made it a warm welcoming place, thats great for events like this. In a time when community and arts spaces are under pressure, from increasing commercialisation of city spaces, it's a real treasure. From a musicians perspective, its also worth mentioning the sound quality and engineers are great, and the venue also has its own unique quirky visual style.

Big thanks to Luqman, Jacob, Catherine and all the people involved who made such a fantastic event.



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