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Maté Café: November 3rd 2019

A really vibrant atmosphere today at the Cafe. Along with Maté tea and Syrian food, which today included Mujardra, made with bulgar wheat, green lentils and caramelised onions.

A number of singers made their debut performances; a brother and sister from Syria, as well as a lady who sang an Aramaic song.

They were all accompanied by Jamal on percussion. The music came to a finale with Jamal and Fergus improvising together, with Fergus playing excellent Spanish guitar. Along with regulars there were a number of recently arrived families, with young kids, which really helped create a lively atmosphere.

Below are some clips of the musicians.

Gaith made his debut with an Arabic song, and was really excellent, we hope he'll be back in future. His sister Mais also performed, she has a great voice and we hope they both become regular performers. A big thanks to all the people who came and played music, its great to see such talent.



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