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Maté Café: February 1st 2020

Maté Café is now officially the first Saturday of every month. Food at the February event was yellow lentil Daal and Basmati rice with a side salad, cooked by Laila, which was the first time we'd had food that was not made by one of the Syrian chefs.

Changing days to a Saturday has proven to be popular, as many of the local Syrian people have English classes on Sunday afternoon. The cafe is lucky enough to have had a growing interest in the Brighton area, and the venue was full from early on. There was a great atmosphere, with a very diverse international range of visitors from many regions and backgrounds.

One of the nice aspects of the cafe, is that people are becoming regular visitors, and are starting to become involved in organising activities at the cafe, getting involved with music, cooking, music and volunteering.

There was also some great kids art work made in the workshops set up by Refugee Radio.

The next Maté Café will be on the 7th March, details on our facebook page.

Thanks to all who attended, helped and supported.

Cafe singing session


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