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Kupala Brighton 7th July, All Saints Community Hall

The midsummer celebration of Kupala is traditionally one of Ukraine’s three main festivals, along with Christmas and Easter. It became an important day for Sussex’s new Ukrainian community in 2022, when the first Brighton Kupala festival was held in Preston Park. Kupala in Brighton is an occasion on which Ukrainians celebrate their culture, pass it on to their children, and share it with the wider community of which they are now part. Kupala is a festival of song, dances, magical spirits, flowers and, of course, food. It’s a beautiful and moving event, family-friendly and free-entry, to which all are warmly invited. 

Originally the event was planned for Preston Park, but due to the weather, the venue changed to All Saints Community Hall in Hove. There was lots of fantastic music, dancing, an incredible play and celebrations of Ukrainian folkloric culture, old and new.

Best Foot Music provided the sound system for this event.



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