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Guifa Project

The Giufà Project was commissioned by Glyndebourne and created by an international team based in Italy, Portugal, Romania and the UK.

The project is a collaboration of arts groups and activists from a range of backgrounds around the theme of migration, told via a folk figure

called Guifa, who appears in stories around the Mediterranean.

Guifa is the Sicilian name given to the character, In Anatolia and Persia he is Nasr Eddin Hodja. Originally appearing around the13th century. The stories travelled around Middle East and via trade routes to the Balkans and eventually to Western Europe. The character has had many names and guises, but is often used as a critique of power structures and injustice, and as a useful guide to how we could live better together.

An ongoing project throughout 2018 (and who knows where beyond that?) There will be a performance on October the 20th in Battle near Hastings. We are really pleased that some of the musicians we work with have been invited to work on this exciting project. The video below shows an initial day of exploration in April at Glyndebourne Opera House , there have since been further rehearsals and development. We will update as the project develops.

Image courtesy of Robert Golden



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