Cohesion Plus

Cohesion Plus are a Kent based organisation. Their aims include the promotion of positive community relations, bringing communities together through the arts, public education and sport. They also organise culturally diverse arts events incorporating music, dance and visual arts primarily but not exclusively in Kent and its surrounding areas.

For a number of years Cohesion Plus have included acts we work with as part of their events, this has been a great opportunity for us as an organisation and the musicians included, it provides a chance to reach new audiences, play at large scale events and develop new relationships with people across the community in the South East and beyond. Their events are always a great day out, with some of the most diverse programming we've had the pleasure of being involved with. As community festivals, their events are free, and well attended.

On many occasions Cohesion Plus have advised and assisted on our own events, and we look forward to future work together.

For full details of all the work they do, see the links below: