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Brighton, Polish, Czech and Slovak Musicians

From 2010 until around 2013, we worked regularly with several musicians, originally from Poland, The Czech Republic and Slovakia, who had moved to Brighton as part of the widening of the European Union (2004) . These were the first people and gigs that really got us started, the first bands we saw play live, that really inspired a lot of what we do, their live gigs being so buzzing with energy from both musicians and enthusiastic crowds. It was very rare to see any English people at gigs the bands put on, and it really opened our eyes to a whole music scene in Brighton, that many outside the community were unaware if. Many of the musicians had arrived in the UK at roughly the same time and as originally the community had been fairly small, soon got to know each other via musical events and the Polish House community centre. Some of the first events we organised were with these bands. As years passed some of the musicians moved away, some settled down with families and events became more sporadic.

There are many music recordings on the main 'music' page of our website, bands include:

Marysia Band

Jo Ema

JB Band

Piwnica Pod Aniolami

​There are also recordings of Church Choirs and other related events.

Whilst non of these bands exist in their original form, many of the people who played with them are involved in new projects.

In 2017 there is still a Polish band in Brighton, formed from some of the original musicians, we have made some demo and concert recordings with them.

The link below is a link to an article we wrote for Folk Radio, an online blog about some of these early gigs and the people we worked with.

Music Recordings & Photos

Marysia Band & Guests, Komedia, Brighton 2010

Polish, Czech & Slovak Night, with Marysia and JB Band, Brighton, May 2011

Piwnica Pod Aniolami, Devonia November 2013, London. Photo's Greg Iwanski



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