About language we use:

Music on the website is organised chronologically. We do not categorise by genre, ethnicity or geographic location. We believe identity is fluid and not essentialised, it is the right of the individual to identify how they feel fit.

When location is listed, this is in reference to where the recording was made or by specific choice of artist concerned.

Until March 2018 we did not use the words 'refugee' or 'migrant' anywhere on the Best Foot Music website. Both words can be used to dehumanise people, and we wanted to focus on the musicians being just that: talented musicians, without simple labels.

Some of the musicians have also expressed discomfort with such terms.

However in March 2018, after seeking advice on optimising our search engine visibility both words where included, and sure enough bookings and website traffic increased dramatically.

We want people to see what we do, and obviously get bookings for the musicians, but are not comfortable with reducing people's identities. We believe there is something to be addressed with the broader conversation in relation to reductive, simplified identities, who gets to use the terminologies, and who has a voice in how they are discussed and represented. 

This topic is further discussed on our presentation page. Please feel free to email your thoughts.