Fast and Easy Syrian Meals

by Manal Gharzeddin

Please allow approx 1 week for delivery

Due to the poor customer service at Paypal, and their inability to recognise that a book of Syrian food, might not actually be made in Syria (and thus breaking their sales regulations), this page is now inactive. 

If you would like to support Manal, helping people affected by the war in Syria, and purchase her cook book, please do so in the link below. 

Thanks for your support.

Message for the Paypal people:

I know you've looked at this page, because I keep getting you emails, so know this:

Whilst the people I spoke with on the phone were as supportive as they could be, your systems are antiquated and racist. Sort yourselves out!

Manal is originally from Syria, and now lives in the UK with her family. She wants to try and support those people affected by the conflict in Syria. This book is manufactured & sold in the UK. We are only disclosing this information here, as previously Paypal, in compliance with U.S. regulations had blocked sales of the book, in the belief that it was manufactured in Syria. Thank you for your support.  

"In Syria we love cooking and we love food! I have created this cook book because I want to share my favourite recipes from home with people in England. This cook book is not like others as all the Syrian recipes are easy to make at home with ingredients you can buy in your local supermarkets.


It is available for £10 (including post & package, UK only, EU to follow soon)


I want to give back to my country so any profits I make from the cook book will be sent to Syria to help people who can't afford to pay for medical treatment.


I hope you will like my book and try out the recipes."