Based in Brighton, East Sussex, our door is always open. We are always interested in your ideas, music or similar organisations.
If you are wanting to book acts through us, please note the following:

Please download the Artist Booking Form and mail to to book musicians. We realise this may seem a bit impersonal, but we are a volunteer run organisation, and are currently very busy. Your support is very much appreciated.

We strongly believe in paying artists for performances. Rates can be negotiated but are generally agreed between us and the musicians.  They may vary depending on type of event. For example a charity fundraiser for  organisations supporting refugees will be different from a commercial event. Some musicians will occasionally perform free of charge, this is up to their discretion and again is usually in the context of a charity fundraiser.  
However please consider that some of the musicians we work with have had to flee their homes to resettle in the UK, they may be living in difficult situations, and cannot be expected to perform for free on a regular basis.
Because many of the people we work with have irregular working patterns, or sometimes live in unsettled circumstances, we also recommend you contact us as early as possible to book musicians. 
We are happy to advise on funding applications and possible income sources to support events and can also provide support in a technical, event management and promotional capacity . We always travel to events with artists, and will include travel costs in the final fee. We are a volunteer run organisation and other than transport do not take any money ourselves.

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