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Best Foot Music is a Brighton based non-profit organisation that collaborates with musicians & communities who have moved to the UK from around the World.
Established in 2009, we aim to make space for artists who may be marginalised, to co-create projects and document their work.


Labels & Launguage:

Best Foot Music is a play on 'Best foot forward'. A way to look ahead, and conjure positive images & conversations on the topic of migration, and the cultural contributions people make to life in the UK, when they move here and become part of the community. 


Whilst helping make it easy to find us online, simplistic labels such as  'Refugee' & 'Migrant', or viewing people solely by

religion or ethnicity can be divisive.

We value individual complex identities and promote shared values, experiences,

commonalities and interconnections.

Please see the presentation on our Resources page for more


Latest Podcast:

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